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How to find your Lighting Instructions,  Make, Model, and Serial #?
All manufactured fireplaces will have a Listing Label with all the information such as Make and Model on them, including the lighting instructions often times on a separate sticker or on the back of a vinyl or metal plate. The images Below are what yours may look like. Often attached to a chain or cable below or behind the fireplace. But usually is a sticker attached to a side or back of the unit, sometimes on the bottom or inside the fireplace if it is built into the home.
How to Disable your gas fireplace in the event of emergency or to prevent use until service.
All gas fireplaces when properly installed are equipped with a service valve. Primarily these are used to make repairs to your equipment without shutting down the gas supply to the entire house which would effect other gas equipment. Using this valve is an effective way to disable your unit temporarily so it will not be turned on or come on accidently. Often times these valves are built into a wall or floor near the fireplace in which case they typically have a gold or chrome round beauty ring with a square hole to accept a shut off key. These will require the key that came with them, insert the key and connect it to the nub inside and twist to the right (clockwise) to turn off and to the left (counter clockwise)  to open or turn the gas back on. If there is not a wall or floor valve then you likely have a ball valve. These typically have a colored handle usually red, blue, or yellow. If the handle is Parallel to the pipe it affixed to then the gas is on and if perpendicular to the pipe then the gas is off. The images below are what you may have on your gas fireplace.
What is an Operator Valve?
Also known as a 100% Safety Shut Down Valve. The operator valve is the valve that operates the fireplace when the user or fireplace operator inputs a on or off command. User input can be from either a knob twist, a internal rocker switch, a wall mounted switch, a wall mounted thermostat, a hand held transmitter or remote control system and as of late even an app on your smart phone or not so smart phone. This valve will also be what is used to light or relight a pilot light. I've included some images of these operator valves below to help you identify them.
Equipment Labels & Appliance Instruction Cards
Control Compartments
Robert Shaw Valve Without Thermocouple or Water Column Ports
Sit 820 Nova Valve
( This is the most common valve in Modern Fireplaces )
Sit Proflame 886 Valve with electronic pilot, burner ignition, and flame modulation
ITT Valve. Pre 1999 Valve that is Discontinued and no Longer available as a replacement part.
Valor Valve with twist to strike piezo pilot ignition and thermocouple only and hi lo dial on extension rod (both photos above) valor control valve 561649
Monessen Signature Command Electronic Operator
Valve System with thermopile assist.
Robert Shaw Valve With Water Column Ports but Without Thermocouple
Sit 820 Nova Valve with extension rods and 
knobs on back of a free standing stove
Dexen Electronic Ignition Valve With Manual Hi Lo Flame Height Adjustment